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A Picture Says A Thousand Words...

Our First Show Season in 1998

This picture is special for so many reasons. Pictured are the students of the first year that Freedom's Rein Farm was in Business and Mrs. Julie had not even graduated High School! Julie started the lesson program herself and trained her own lesson horses and ponies to be good mounts for her students. Then she trained her students to not only ride them, but win at shows with them! Julie and her family are dedicated to sharing the "magic" that horses do for the human spirit.


It was a great day to ride at Free Rein Equine LLC

Emma and Will

First Lesson! She got to ride our gentle giant William. (He secretly loves the little ones)


Whether its show time or time to teach a 5 year old to ride, this big guy is the best. He has no problem teaching a 5 year old to steer and then jumping a 3' round of fences with our experienced riders. We are very lucky to know this super special guy.

Ms. Maddy Teaching

"Sam I AM" and Ms. Maddy teaching a lesson. This young man riding is taking his first lesson(he forgot his riding pants) but all in all, we still made the lesson safe, fun, and productive!

Will and Maddy

This very motivated rider loves her lessons on Will and is learning to ride at an exponential pace! Watch out horse show world- Here comes Maddy!

"Sonny" The Rescue Mustang

Our Rescue Mustang! We love this handsome guy so much. He is a great lesson pony and loves to jump!

"Sam I Am" Rescue Horse

"Sam I Am" is one of our sweet rescue horses. Here his rider, Samantha is helping him get his exercise. When we first met Sam(the horse) he was skin and bone. Now he thrives. He has gained 150 pounds and loves attention and as many treats as he can get!

Lyla and Will

This little rider has a heart of gold! When we first got Will, he was in need of extra special care and she donated to help pay for his care. In return Ms. Lyla got to give him his middle name. She named him "Sprinkles"!

Waiting for a Jumping Lesson

Patience is a they say.

Our watch "Cat"

Our watch "cat" Squeeky sleeping on the job. Good thing Will watches out for himself!

Baxter plays ball with Will

Our farm dog "Baxter" loves to play with the horses toys. Our board bought that ball for her horse and Baxter is the only one that plays with it. Will just gets out of the way!

Will Struts His Stuff

Will trotting along in Florida, enjoying the palm trees.

Mrs. Julie Featured in Book

This image is taken from "The American Quarter Horse" Book by David Stocklin. Mrs. Julie's photos are in the section dedicated to the Hunter riders. Photos were taken when she worked for famous Hunter Trainer Sandy Vaughn.

Show Ready

Florida Students ready! Set! Show! These girls are waiting for their classes at one of the schooling shows in South Florida.

It Gets Cold In Florida

William all bundled up for the chilly Florida weather. (Yes it does get cold there occasionally)

Horses ARE FUN!

This rider was afraid to ride. We let him sit on the pony and his eyes lit up! As you can see in our expressions- everything went GREAT after that!

Going Places

This little rider is "going places". She is zooming through her lessons and learning so fast. Currently learning to jump! Go Lilly!

Baxter: 1 Horse: 0

Our farm dog playing ball with Will. Baxter usually wins.

Horsemanship 101

We offer a Horsemanship 101 course. One of the experiences riders experience in this course is how to use a round pen properly. Here, Leilani is practicing before her riding lesson.

Maddy and Tucker

One of our trainers and instructors, Madeline Rochow, training her horse, Tucker. Nice frame Maddy and Tucker!

Mother/Daughter Riding Lesson

This mother/daughter team ride together every week and cheer each other on! They are both great riders and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them!

Perfect Practice...

Mr. Will in training. You know what they say "Perfect practice makes perfect".

First Horse Show...First Place

Lilly first show...she won first place!

Everyone In The Tub?

Students that groom together stay together? Our riders are taught sportsmanship from the start. We all help each other and stick together.

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